1. Sketch of Exodus


  2. Ahhhh those hands! Man, your bird people are so fantastic! Do you have a name for this race of oc’s?

    Thanks, Mindaroth! I’m happy you enjoy them. :) I’m kicking around a few ideas, but don’t have definitive names for any yet (I’ve named some individuals, but not the specific races/species). One of these days!


  3. Took a break earlier today to experiment with stuff

    ALSO, I’m incredibly sad that CGHUB is shutting down. It was one of the most inspirational websites I’ve ever visited in my life, and I’m in disbelief it has vanished overnight and without warning. Very sad day.


  4. mindaroth replied to your photo:Soldier
    Omg, what are these images for? Are you working on a project, or is it for fun?

    A bit of both! They’re for fun, but also part of an eventual project I’d like to develop one day. :)


  5. Soldier


  6. Enviro doodles.



  7. Rooster Warrior


  8. Anonymous asked: You draw, probably the best bird people I have ever seen! They look so fucking badass and awesome! They're just fucking great and I thought I should say so! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    Thank you, you’re extremely kind! Drawing bird people is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine - I usually drew them purely for my own amusement and when I just wanted to paint to relax. Subsequently, I rarely showed them to anybody or posted them online until fairly recently, so it always makes me extra happy to hear when someone likes them.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful day, as well!!


  9. Scarecrow


  10. Noel with her pal, Volucris.


  11. Rabbit Gunslinger



  13. Drew Arquel for a bit of fun.


  14. Crystal Miner


  15. Sketch from yesterday.